Expert Opinion: These 4 Altcoins Could Make 10x-100x on Binance Listing!

You are aware of the “Moon Effect” of Binance listings. Rocket Pool surged 433 percent after Binance listing. PEPE percent after Binance listing. It increased. All in all, listing on Binance is a major event that gives the token price a bigger pump than bull markets. Once again, the exchange plans to list some low-mid cap altcoins. Crypto expert Lawrence Mike Woriji from the Altcoinbuzz group shares 4 altcoins with this potential.

Top candidate: Centrifuge (CFG)

If Binance is going to list a token, the project must have real foundations. And Centrifuge has it. This is an altcoin project that integrates real-world assets into DeFi. They offer on-chain administration for debt facilities and capital structures. Centrifuge is one of the first protocols to incorporate real-world assets into the Blockchain. Businesses’ invoices, real estate loans, etc. It enables users to use crypto to finance real-world assets.

Asset instability is one of the reasons why many mainstream businesses are reluctant to switch to crypto. Crypto assets are volatile. But Centrifuge wants to help users make profits without exposing themselves to the risk of volatility. It doesn’t try to eliminate volatility. Let’s face it, this is not possible! But instead, he is finding ways to make profits that are not tied to the crypto assets themselves. By doing this, Centrifuge fills the gap between the fiat industry and the cryptocurrency segment. This brings a real monetary value to the crypto world. And it could be a complete game changer. Its native token, CFG, is currently trading at $0.5884. Its market value is 290.3 million dollars. The team has already secured listings on KuCoin, Bingx,, OKX and Kraken.

Second ranked altcoin: Three Protocol (THREE)

Next is Three Protocol. If you’ve been keeping track, you know that we’re all about artificial intelligence during this bull run. And Three Protocol is one of those projects, for all the real reasons. They are building a world where anyone can sell online, without restrictions such as having a bank account. They have these decentralized marketplaces where they leverage artificial intelligence and smart contracts that we’ve never seen before.

They have a simple purpose. This is to make e-commerce accessible to the unbanked, borrowers and crypto enthusiasts. Three Protocol has already released its first product, Jobs3, a decentralized job market. Like Upwork or Fiverr, but on Blockchain. Now, let’s talk about THREE token. This isn’t just some random digital asset; the powerhouse behind the entire ecosystem. You can use THREE tokens for all processes on the platform. And guess what happened? They are mainly listed on MEXC and Uniswap. This is also a sign for the Binance listing.

We’re adding Polytrade Finance (TRADE) to the list

One of the altcoins we follow closely is Polytrade. Because it is included in the Real World Assets (RWA) segment. And it’s making major waves. Polytrade is a marketplace focused on diversification. They have about 20 different asset categories. This includes Real Estate and Shares. And even tokenized versions of metals and even collectibles.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. Polytrade’s team has made a huge technical leap forward for the entire segment. They created the ERC-6960 token standard. This ingenious attack combines the most efficient modules of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 (the main NFT standards) with the ERC-20 token standard. The result? A dual-layer token that makes fractional ownership very easy. TRADE tokens are already listed on KuCoin, Bitfinex, MEXC and It wouldn’t be surprising to see them on Binance. Additionally, their market is only at $34.9 million. Their listing on Binance would easily double that number.

The last candidate altcoin for the Binance list: OriginTrail (TRAC)

The latest altcoin project is another high-level artificial intelligence token: OriginTrail. The project is well established. Their focus is on supply chain analytics and information integrity. OriginTrail has great potential to be listed on Binance. It has essentially taken its place on Coinbase, Bitget, Kucoin and some other top-tier exchanges. Their biggest appeal is in their applications. OriginTrail addresses real-world issues with its decentralized approach to information sharing, making it a compelling asset. In addition, OriginTrail has great adoption potential. They have already established partnerships in different branches.

TRAC tokens have a robust and active community. This is a very important factor for Binance listings. The token also has a strong market demand. With these, OrignTrail stands out with its high potential to become one of the possible Binance listings.

The opinions and assumptions in the article are those of the expert and are not necessarily investment advice. cryptokoin.comWe strongly recommend that you do your own research before investing.

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