There are critical developments for OP, TOKEN, PEPE Coin and these 6 Altcoins!

Polygon Labs announced the launch of the 1 billion POL community grant program CGP. SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol postponed the merger! A PEPE Coin whale with a 100 percent win rate in the last three months is filling its basket. And more…

There is news from TOKEN, PEPE Coin and these 7 altcoins!

Polygon launches community grant program with 1 billion POL

Polygon Labs announced the launch of the 1 billion POL community grant program CGP. In the first quarter, Polygon will allocate 35 million MATIC to projects built on it. Applications are open today and will close on August 31, 2024. Polygon Labs said that based on community consensus, a community treasury has been created that will unlock 1 billion POL in the next 10 years, which will be approximately 100 million POL per year, all of which will be for builders.

TokenFi will release valuable works later this year

Asset tokenization platform TokenFi announced that it will launch the following products on the X platform later this year:

  • TokenFi RWA Tokenization Module.
  • TokenFi AI Smart Contract Auditor.
  • TokenFi Generative AI.
  • TokenFi Connect.

SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol postponed the merger! As you follow from , SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol have previously decided to merge. However, the projects postponed the merger date from 13 June 2024 to 15 July 2024. In this context, they announced the revised date of the ASI token merger. stated that this adjustment is to accommodate the logistical needs and technical dependencies of exchanges, validators, and broader ecosystem partners.

Optimism: OP Stack officially enters Tier 1

Following the latest update to its architecture, Optimism announced that OP Stack is launching with OP Mainnet. In this context, he stated that it has officially entered Phase 1. He also announced that he will now focus on Phase 2 decentralization efforts.

Meter Network plans to destroy 30 million MTRG

EVM Blockchain reported that Meter Network will destroy 30 million MTRG tokens on June 17. This measure corresponds to 40% of the total supply. The Meter community approved the disposal through its governance process. This breakthrough aims to increase the long-term value and stability of the Meter ecosystem.

Smart PEPE Coin whale is increasing its tokens!

According to on-chain observer, ai_9684xtpa monitoring, the winning rate of PEPE Coin whale in the last three months has been 100%. This whale quietly increased its PEPE Coin position. Recently, the smart whale transferred 79.8 billion PEPE Coins worth $970,000 from Binance. Meanwhile, the whale’s transfer price was $0.0000122. It has accumulated 429.1 billion tokens (total value $6.18 million) in this type. Its average opening price is around $0.0000144 and it currently has a volatile loss of $900,000.

SushiSwap replaces DAO with ‘Labs’ and introduces multi-token ecosystem

After months of heated debate, the decentralized exchange SushiSwap has introduced a new brand and business model to its ecosystem. Under the name Sushi Labs, the new era replaces the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with a “council structure”. The protocol introduced Sushi Labs, an autonomous administrative, technical and operational company that will manage the Sushi ecosystem. The revamp, first proposed in March, was aimed at responding to “market demands and user needs,” including the protocol being slower to respond to market changes due to “cumbersome governance.”

Sushi Labs will inherit DAO’s multimillion-dollar budget consisting of 25 million SushiSwap (SUSHI) tokens. Token holders will continue to have the authority to decide treasury allocations. But they will not be involved in operational details.

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