Ariana Grande signaled: That memecoin exploded!

Solana memecoin Michi increased by 18 percent after pop artist Ariana Grande’s Instagram story post that inspired the coin.

Michi was arranged to hold a pink “love potion” next to posters of a man with kiss prints on the wall. This is the work of an Ariana Grande fan, referencing the music image the musician released for her single “The Length Is Mine.”

“I think the kid is his, [I don’t know],” Ariana Grande writes in the post, followed by the image of the meme. “Hey this is me,” commented a Michi Solana Instagram account.

Famous names trigger the rise in memecoins

After Grande’s post, Michi rose only 3 percent to $0.22. However, after crypto influencer Ansem, who previously contributed to the rise of coins such as Dogwifhat (WIF), highlighted Grande’s post on Twitter, Michi increased by 18 percent to $0.26 in just one hour.

This development comes after celebrities announced their entry into crypto. Most notably, media personality Caitlyn Jenner launched two memecoins and musician Iggy Azalea launched her own memecoin, while former kickboxer Andrew Tate started a memecoin craze late last week.

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