Critical Development: Binance Announces Its New Investment!

Binance Labs, the investment arm of cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance, has invested in Zircuit, a zero-knowledge rollup technology (zk-rollup) with sequence-level security based on artificial intelligence. This investment is seen as a valuable step towards addressing security and performance together in Layer 2 (L2) scaling solutions.

Binance invested in a new cryptocurrency project

Zircuit is a new generation L2 network that aims to solve the process speed and cost problems faced by classical blockchain networks. The most valuable feature of the network is that it provides sequencer-level security and automatically defends against smart contract vulnerabilities and malicious actors using artificial intelligence systems. By combining its rollup infrastructure with zero proof knowledge, Zircuit offers a fast, low-cost and fully EVM compatible zk-rollup.

This hybrid architecture provides users with unmatched security without sacrificing speed or compatibility. The basis of Zircuit’s performance lies in dividing the circuits into specialized segments and combining the evidence. This results in higher efficiency and lower operating costs. Binance Labs and Binance Co-Founder Yi He said the following about the investment:

At Binance Labs, we support projects that innovate on Web3 and accelerate the blockchain branch. Zircuit offers more secure L2 analysis by integrating sequencer level security. We follow Zircuit’s growth and development with excitement.

Zircuit will enter the mainnet this summer

As Zircuit prepares to launch its mainnet this summer, its ecosystem is showing impressive growth. The network currently has over $3.5 billion in staked assets. Additionally, the “Develop to Win” program received more than 1,100 applications. Important projects such as Ethena, Renzo,, KelpDAO, Elixir, Ambient, Pendle, LayerZero are among Zircuit’s launch partners. Zircuit Founding Partner Dr. Martin Derka said:

Zircuit was born from cutting-edge scalability and security research. Working with a group experienced in Web3 security, we aim to make Ethereum more secure for the next billion users. We are excited to have Binance Labs join us on this journey.

This investment once again emphasizes the critical value of security in the adoption of blockchain technology. Projects like Zircuit try to achieve the balance between scalability and security by using innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence. Zircuit’s mainnet launch, which will be implemented in the coming months, may be an important step for the future of L2 scaling solutions. Time will tell what will happen in the coming period. We will also see if Binance will list the project when Zircuit’s altcoin launches.

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