Dogecoin Dad Mentioned This Breast Coin for the First Time: Price Is Rising!

In a new image that quickly gained attention on social media platform X, Elon Musk, whom we know as the father of Dogecoin, talks about Dogwifhat (WIF), a Solana-based chest coin. This impromptu statement he made during a live broadcast sent ripples through the crypto community. Moreover, it has pushed the WIF price upwards even in the midst of a broader market downturn.

Dogecoin Father talked about another chest coin for the first time: Dogwifhat

In the video in question, Elon Musk freely states that he “knows Dogwifhat”. This statement sparked speculation and excitement among his millions of followers. Known for his influential presence in the cryptocurrency world, Musk’s past approvals, especially for Dogecoin (DOGE), have led to significant market movements. Dogecoin gained significant profits following Elon Musk’s numerous tweets and public outreach. In addition, Musk’s influence enabled Dogecoin to gain mainstream attention. Moreover, the billionaire continues to show his belief in the future of his original meme coin, DOGE.

Meanwhile, Dogwifhat, a Solana Blockchain-based chest coin, was in the red zone before Musk’s word. However, WIF Coin saw a sudden price increase following the spread of the image. This increase occurred despite the current downward trend in the cryptocurrency market. From another perspective, he emphasized Musk’s unique influence. Moreover, Musk talked about a breast coin other than Dogecoin for the first time. In the past, the Tesla CEO has strongly affirmed his preference for DOGE over the second-largest chest crypto, Shiba Inu (SHIB). Therefore, Dogwifhat’s last word surprised everyone.

WIF Coin price performance

The data revealed a significant increase in WIF process volume following the image. Moreover, according to analysts, new investors are likely to jump in due to Musk’s approval. cryptokoin.comAs you’ve seen from , the chest coin cut has historically fluctuated, often driven by social media hype and endorsements from high-profile individuals.

However, Dogwifhat’s origins and long-term viability remain unclear. What happened immediately after Elon Musk’s words is obvious. The price increase is reminiscent of past precedents that were quickly sparked by Musk’s comments. However, it is unclear whether the WIF price rally will continue as seen in old trends. However, at the time of writing, Dogwifhat was trading at $2.88, up over 52% on a daily basis. Additionally, WIF market value increased to 2.88 billion dollars. Thus, the chest coin recovered some of its weekly losses.

WIF daily price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

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