Should a Drop Be Taken? Critical Statements from Two Bitcoin Masters!

Famous Bitcoiner Samson Mow explains what fate potentially awaits the Bitcoin price. Mow published a BTC-themed post that triggered heated reactions from the Bitcoin community. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s decline attracted attention. However, well-known analyst Ali Martinez says things may change thanks to a buy signal.

A different post from the Bitcoin maximalist! As you follow from , the president crypto Bitcoin experienced a significant loss of altitude. This disappointed Bitcoin maximalists and investors. However, they maintain their belief that this is a temporary situation. Samson Mow, the employer of Jan3 company focused on Bitcoin adoption, published a diagram showing the ratio of available capital in the market to Bitcoin. There are no numbers in this diagram. But it visually shows that the current size of BTC is very small compared to the available capital that can be used to purchase it. The diagram depicts both the capital and Bitcoin in a triangular form. In addition, together it gives an hourglass-like appearance.

Samson Mow shared a post today saying, “As you watch the price of Bitcoin fall, remember where it inevitably goes.” Thus, he announced a bullish BTC price prediction. Mow is one of the maximalists who expects Bitcoin to eventually reach the $1 million price level. However, Mow expressed surprise at the Bitcoin decline despite its currently surprising level of adoption. In this context, “It feels strange to see the price of Bitcoin falling while we are at an unprecedented level of adoption. BTFD!” said. BTFD means “buy the friendly dip”.

‘Buy’ signal on the hourly BTC chart!

On the hourly chart of Bitcoin, TD Sequential hinted at a buy signal. This showed that BTC has the potential to rise by one to four candlesticks. Well-known analyst Ali Martinez drew attention in this case. In this context, the analyst made the following statement:

TD Sequential is providing a buy signal on the Bitcoin hourly chart, predicting a potential rally for BTC in the middle of one to four candlesticks!

Analysts often use this indicator to identify possible asset price turning points in technical analysis. The indicator created by Tom DeMark finds trend exhaustion points by examining a series of price bars. The indicator has two steps: the setup step and the countdown stage. The Suram stage requires nine consecutive price bars, each closing higher (in a downtrend) or lower (in an uptrend). If this combination is successful, the subsequent countdown stage looks for a series of 13 bars that close lower (in a downtrend) or higher (in an uptrend) than the two preceding bars.

When a countdown is completed, it often indicates that the trend has reached its end and a reversal is about to occur. TD Sequential issued a buy signal on the hourly chart of Bitcoin. Therefore, he predicted that the price would potentially reverse. According to the analyst, it is possible for this signal to provide a short-term break from the current downward trend.

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