This Week Is Critical For 25 Those Altcoins: Here’s A List Of What’s Happening!

This week, there will be various events, listings, burning processes and protocol updates in the altcoin market.

This week is critical for those altcoin projects

  • On June 10, 2024, Matar AI decided to reduce the supply by burning a total of 27,528 MATAR tokens. This burning was carried out with the sales proceeds of Matar tokens and NFT cards that were processed last month. Token burn aims to increase the value of existing tokens by reducing the supply.
  • MINATIVERSE (MNTC) will list on MEXC Global and on June 10, 2024. MINATIVERSE, which will start trading with MNTC/USDT trading pairs at 12:00 and 10:00 UTC, aims to attract the attention of investors.
  • On June 10, 2024, Polyhedra Network will offer the opportunity to earn rewards by staking ZK tokens. This event will allow users to stake $ZK tokens and earn token rewards from ecosystem partners.
  • Another valuable event that took place on the same dates was “Proof of Talk” held on 10-11 June 2024. This event aimed to establish deep and meaningful contacts by bringing together classical economic branches and the Web3 community. Participants exchanged views on the future of the branch and learned about new collaborations and projects.
  • On June 10, 2024, Aark Digital (AARK) will be listed on the Bitget exchange with the AARK/USDT process pair
  • PeiPei (PEIPEI) will be listed on LBank with the PEIPEI/USDT process pair on June 10, 2024.
  • Horizen (ZEN) will perform the EON 1.4 Gobi testnet update on June 10, 2024. This update, which will start at 9:21 UTC, will offer valuable innovations such as new staking management and reward distribution algorithm.
  • Metis (METIS) will launch the LS Proposal Vote on June 10, 2024. If the proposal is accepted, liquid staking platforms and node operators in turn will be able to submit their own proposals and voting will take place until June 17.
  • Kaspa (KAS) will be listed on the CoinW exchange on June 11, 2024, with the KAS/USDT process pair. This listing will allow Kaspa to reach more investors by increasing its liquidity.
  • Ionet (IO) will be listed on the and BitMart exchanges on June 11, 2024, with the IO/USDT process pair.
  • These listings will increase Ionet’s liquidity and enable it to reach a wider audience of investors.
  • Kujira (KUJI) will start its PILOT period on June 10, 2024 and launch $KART by KartelProject. This event will be an important step for the Kujira community and will offer new opportunities.
  • Manta Network (MANTA) will conduct NFT burning snapshot on June 11, 2024. This period will be the final snapshot for airdrop allocations and $MANTA rewards.
  • On June 11, altcoin Kaspa will be listed on CoinW, DUKO on BingX, Dogemob on BingX, StrikeX (STRX) on BingX, and Credefi (CREDI) on BingX.
  • The Ronin Ragnarok snapshot will be released on June 11.
  • Neuttron (NTRN) will close voting on the A-28 proposal on June 11. Voting has been ongoing since May 31.
  • The Stellar (XLM) testnet reset will occur on June 12.
  • ChompChain (CHOMP) listed on BitMart on June 13.
  • On June 14, Legion Ventures IDO ( took place.
  • On June 14, Zetrix (ZETRIX) is listed on BitMart.
  • On June 14, KRYZA Exchange (KRX) will merge KRX-KRN-KRS tokens into KRD coin on its blockchain.
  • On June 14, Secuya Multiverse (SKYA) will hold a conversation with cosplayer Linssyaa at Indonesia Anime Con (INACON) 2024.

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