Today, It’s Critical For Those 24 Altcoins: Here’s The List Of What Will Happen!

The cryptocurrency market had an active day today. New developments, listings and voting results were recorded for many projects. Today is very critical, especially for the IO token. Because altcoin; Listed on, KuCoin, BitMart, MEXC Global, LBank, AscendEX, Bitrue and IoNet platforms. In this news summary, we have compiled the important events of the day for you.

Today, he is critical for altcoin projects

  • Ionet (IO): The IO token was listed today on, KuCoin, BitMart, MEXC Global, LBank, AscendEX, Bitrue and IoNet platforms. This has significantly increased the number of exchanges where the IO token will be traded.
  • Other Listings: Various projects such as Kaspa (KAS), DUKO (DUKO), GROOVE (GROOVE), Dogemob (DOGEMOB), Credefi (CREDI), StrikeX (STRX) and Black Panther (BLACK) were also listed on different exchanges today. For details of listings cryptokoin.comYou can take a look at this news we prepared.
  • dYdX (WETHDYDX):The dYdX community continued voting in favor of closing the FET and AGIX markets and finally settling them.
  • Gnosis (GNO):The GnosisDAO community is voting on whether Karpatkey and StableLab should create Delegate Program v0 for GnosisDAO.
  • Other Ratings:Voting has been held or is ongoing on different issues in projects such as Lido Node Operator Call, Render (RNDR), and dYdX (WETHDYDX).
  • Stellar (XLM):The Stellar testnet was reset today.
  • Ronin (RON):The Ronin platform received the first snapshot of the monthly draw for Nyangvine token holders today.
  • Manta Network (MANTA):Manta Network received its latest NFT burn snapshot for airdrop and $MANTA rewards today.
  • Chia (XCH):Chia hosted a Q&A session today.
  • SingularityNET (AGIX):SingularityNET community held its weekly meeting today.
  • CoW Protocol (COW):CoW Protocol hosted a talk about its distribution to Arbitrum today.
  • Nexus Mutual (NXM):Bitazza delisted the Wrapped NXM (WNXM) pair today.
  • Iotex (IOST):IOST project announced that its monthly airdrop activity ends today.
  • Zentry (ZENT):Zentry announced today that the deadline for switching from GF tokens to ZENT tokens is August 25.
  • Leading blockchain payment company Ripple announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Standard Custody & Trust Company, a regulated crypto asset custodian. This important move, now approved by regulators, marks a strategic expansion for Ripple.
  • Breaking new ground in the blockchain arena, the ZKsync Association has announced a monumental event: a massive token airdrop ready to transform the landscape for approximately 700,000 eligible wallets.

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