UN Security Council approves hostage agreement in exchange for US-backed ceasefire

The UN Security Council approved the hostages in return for a US-backed ceasefire agreement. In the vote on the plan, which envisages the exchange of hostages and prisoners in the six-week ceasefire, only Russia abstained, leading to a broader consensus.

The UN Security Council approved for the first time a comprehensive peace agreement that will end the Gaza war by adopting a resolution inviting Hamas to accept the hostage offer in exchange for a three-stage ceasefire, the main boundaries of which were drawn by Joe Biden.

In the statement made by Hamas, it was stated that the group welcomed the decision, but it was not immediately clear whether this meant that the leadership in Gaza accepted the ceasefire plan.

After the vote, US President Joe Biden wrote to X:

“The UN Security Council has just adopted our resolution calling on Hamas to accept a ceasefire agreement along with the release of hostages. Hamas says it wants a ceasefire. “This agreement is an opportunity to prove that they matter.”

The Israeli government’s stance is also ambiguous. The government has officially adopted the peace plan, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tried to put a wedge in the middle of the plan and his coalition has moved to the right since the proposal was put forward.

Hibya News Agency

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