zkSync made the expected announcement: Airdrop details!

ZKsync Association, next week EthereumThe Layer 2 network will airdrop 3.675 billion ZK tokens to the first active users of ZKsync.

ZKsync said on Tuesday that the ZK token represents 17.5 percent of the total supply of 21 billion tokens. ZKsync said that this will be a one-time airdrop and users will be able to receive their tokens starting next week until January 3, 2025. Contributors will be able to claim starting June 24.

Another 49.1 percent of the token supply will be distributed through ecosystem initiatives, 17.2 percent to investors and 16.1 percent to the Matter Labs team. “Giving more tokens than were given to the Matter Labs group and investors in the airdrop is more than a symbolic decision for the community,” the ZKsync Association said in a statement. “When the ZKsync governance system launches in the coming weeks, the community will have the largest supply of liquid tokens to drive protocol governance upgrades.”

Statistics regarding the zkSync airdrop were shared

The project said ZKsync shortlisted 695,232 wallets for the airdrop. Eligibility and allocations for the airdrop were based on a snapshot of activity on ZKsync Era and ZKsync Lite taken at 03:00 UTC on March 24, 2024, marking the one-year anniversary of the ZKsync Era mainnet launch.

The 17.5% ToM airdrop is split between two sets of community members: users (89 percent) and contributors (11 percent). Users are people who operate on ZKsync and reach a certain activity threshold. Contributors are individuals, developers, researchers, communities, and companies who contribute to the ZKsync ecosystem and protocol through development, advocacy, or education, regardless of their network activities.

The remaining supply is allocated to investors and the Matter Labs group. ZK tokens are locked for the first year and subsequently unlocked for three years from June 2025 to June 2028.

The announcement confirms The Block’s report last month that ZKsync was planning a token airdrop in mid-June with a total supply of 21 billion tokens. It also brings a change in branding from zkSync to ZKsync.

How was airdrop distribution calculated?

Community airdrop is based on a points system. Wallets received points for actions such as interacting with 10 smart contracts in the ZKsync Era, depositing liquidity in DeFi protocols, and trading more than 10 ERC-20 tokens, among others. Prior to the launch of the ZKsync Era mainnet, points were also available for some activities on ZKsync Lite for donating to a type of Gitcoin or trading for three different months.

Once the points were allocated, each wallet was allocated an allocation based on the assets bridged to ZKSync Era. Addresses may receive multipliers based on their activity on ZKsync and the Ethereum mainnet.

Following this process, the tokens of addresses with less than 450 ZK tokens were recycled into the pool. Those who held more than 100,000 tokens had their excess tokens recycled. As a result, the minimum allocation for each wallet was up to 917 ZK.

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