NOT Coin and O Chest Coin Splashed with Coinbase Doping!

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase announced that it has switched perpetual (perpetual) futures contracts for Book of Chest (BOME) and Not coin (NOT) to “order only” mode on its platform. Following this announcement, there were remarkable price increases in both cryptocurrencies. Thus, BOME and NOT managed to attract the attention of the crypto community.

Book of Chest is based on Coinbase

Book of Bust (BOME) is an innovative “meme coin” project running on the Solana blockchain. Created by crypto artist Darkfarms, the project aims to create a digital archive of “memes” that have become an indispensable module of the internet. BOME uses advanced technologies such as Arweave and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to perform this archiving in a decentralized manner. More than just a fun endeavor, the project integrates real-world technologies to preserve digital culture. Darkfarms plans to integrate with the Bitcoin blockchain in the future, which always promises innovation in the field of digital archiving. As we reported, BOME, the local token of the BOME platform, encourages users to participate in decentralized storage activities and is traded on many cryptocurrency exchanges. At the time of writing, BOME price rose by 3.41% to $0.008828. BOME had previously achieved a historic success among chest coins by reaching a market value of 1 billion dollars with an astronomical rise. The latest price increase reveals the increasing interest and belief in the project’s unique vision and potential.

Increase in NOT coin price

Notcoin (NOT), on the other hand, exhibited a more volatile performance in the market. Despite experiencing a bearish trend last week, the token has shown significant resilience and growth potential. Looking at its performance over the last month, Notcoin price has seen an impressive increase of approximately 130%, indicating an overall upward trend. The current trading range for NOTE is between $0.015 and $0.021. Latest market trends point to a bear market.

Analysts warn that if the bear market prevails, the value of the NOTE may find support at $0.015, and in a long-term decline it may drop to $0.012 or even $0.01. But in an unexpected development, the Bitcoin price rose to $0.01591 today, breaking the bear market trend strongly. The increase in price and market value for Book of Bust demonstrates investors’ confidence in the project’s unique approach. The integration of technologies such as Arweave and IPFS places BOME in a leading position in the chest coin space by combining a fun element with concrete technological solutions.

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