Smart Whales Buy FET Coin and Those 10 Cryptos: Nansen Information

Although the cryptocurrency market has recently focused on the recovery efforts in Bitcoin, whales and other large investors have different coins on their radar. Here is the purchase list including FET coins and others…

Nansen: FET coin and these cryptos are the focus of smart money

Data from blockchain analysis company Nansen reveals that smart money has invested significantly in certain altcoins on the Ethereum network in the last 24 hours. According to data provided by Nansen, one of the largest investments of smart money investors in the Ethereum network in 24 hours was in Lido Finance’s stETH token. stETH, which received an investment of approximately 3.56 million dollars, has recently become a popular choice in the DeFi field. stETH allows investors to stake their Ethereum and earn interest in return.

Another token that attracted the attention of smart money investors was Wrapped ETH (WETH). The information shows that investors invested approximately $1.89 million in WETH. WETH is a tokenized Ethereum that allows investors to use Ethereum in decentralized applications (dApps)., the well-known artificial zkea coin after WETH, came to the fore with an investment of 1.25 million dollars. In the coins that follow FET, the investment amount drops significantly. For example, sUSDe, which ranks fourth, had an inflow of 383 thousand dollars. Generally speaking, according to Nansen data, other altcoins preferred by smart money investors are:

These investments highlight smart money investors’ confidence in the DeFi and staking ecosystems on the Ethereum network. Investments in staking tokens such as stETH and wstETH may also indicate investors’ bullish interest in Ethereum for the long term.

RCH token is also in the focus of whales

Apart from Nansen data, cryptocurrency market analyst @ai_9684xtpa revealed an interesting phenomenon. According to the analyst, a smart money investor took advantage of the BananaGun launch and bought the RCH token at a low price and quickly sold it, making a profit of $ 1.2 million. This investor spent 392.23 ETH to purchase 7.42 million RCH tokens. Despite paying a high “gas fee” at the opening, the investor made a profit by closing his position.

If the RCH token price had continued to rise, the investor could have made much more of the profit. But this incident shows how smart money investors can act quickly to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. As a result, Nansen information and market analysts’ findings reveal that smart money investors are increasing their investments in the Ethereum network. These investments underscore investors’ belief in areas such as staking and DeFi. Although the cryptocurrency market remains volatile, the movements of smart money investors continue to provide valuable clues about market trends.

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