Turkish Investors Focus on Notcoin and These 9 Cryptos!

While the interest in crypto assets is increasing day by day, the cryptocurrency market is also changing dynamically. Information about which cryptocurrencies Turkish investors have been researching in the last week is very valuable in terms of understanding market trends and investor preferences. According to the data shared by CoinGecko with Kriptokoin.com, the cryptocurrencies most researched by Turkish investors between June 1 and 7 include a wide range of assets, from new projects to well-known classics. In this article, we will examine these cryptocurrencies, such as Notcoin, and the items that attract the attention of investors.

CoinGecko data: Turks researched Notcoin and these cryptos

CoinGecko cryptokoin.com According to the information shared with , the cryptocurrencies most researched by Turkish investors between June 1 and 7 were revealed. This list includes a wide range of cryptocurrencies, from newly released projects to well-known classics. Projects such as FALX, AlphaKEK.AI, Apu Apustaja and TARS Protocol, which are at the top of the list, have attracted a lot of attention recently. FALX is a cryptocurrency that can be used for in-game payments and NFTs. AlphaKEK.AI is a project about artificial intelligence and metaverse. Apu Apustaja is a cryptocurrency unit inspired by chest coins. TARS Protocol is a protocol operating in the DeFi field.

FLOKI, one of the main chest coins that entered the market inspired by Elon Musk’s dog, continues its recent rise. Another coin on the list was Hacash. This crypto is on the agenda with the first PoW NFT and PoW Flatcoin. Additionally, Hacash’s Watchtower protocol can effectively prevent the risk of a 51% attack on PoW assets at an early stage. In addition, it adopts the new X16RS algorithm and the Fibonacci mechanism of first increasing and then decreasing to ensure fair distribution of assets.

Both cryptocurrencies are very popular among Turkish investors. Notcoin is a cryptocurrency that is expected to be available for the Telegram application. Bitcoin, on the other hand, always attracts attention as the oldest and most popular of cryptocurrencies. Wojak is a cryptocurrency inspired by internet memes. At the last part of the CoinGecko list is Superior Trump. This coin is a cryptocurrency representing former US President Donald Trump. Since the election period is very close in the USA, the popularity of coins for Biden or Trump has increased. This situation seems to have resonated in Turkey as well.

What is the meaning of this list?

This information shared by CoinGecko shows that Turkish investors’ interest and research tendency in cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day. The cryptocurrencies in this list consist of projects operating in different fields and with different potentials. The fact that Turkish investors conduct such a wide range of cryptocurrency research shows that they have high confidence and interest in the cryptocurrency market.

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