Tomorrow is Critical for Those 15 Altcoins: Here is the List of What Will Happen!

The cryptocurrency market continues to be an area that investors follow with excitement. As the first day of the new week approaches, investors are preparing for important developments. Next week highlights token burning processes, new exchange listings, and a DAO conference that will make a valuable contribution to the industry. It is a matter of curiosity how these developments will affect the altcoin markets. Investors will closely monitor token burning processes next week. Here are some developments that will occur on the first day of the new week, June 10, 2024…

Those altcoin projects will attract attention tomorrow

  • Matar AI (MATAR): MATAR will burn revenue from NFT card sales, along with 27,528 tokens traded in the previous month. In this way, it aims to create supply difficulties and increase the token value.
  • Stock market listings are also one of the important agenda items of the new week. It will be listed on MINATIVERSE (MNTC), MEXC Global, and LBank exchanges. Thanks to these listings, investors will be able to access MNTC more easily. Aark Digital (AARK) will be listed on Bitget, THX Network (THX) will be listed on Coinstore, and HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (ETH) will be listed on So MNTC will be listed on three different exchanges. MNTC, which will be available for trading on MEXC Global, and LBank, will facilitate investor access. Thanks to these listings, investors will be able to access more cryptocurrencies.
  • Proof of Talk Conference:This conference, which will bring together participants from the crypto and classical economics segments, aims to encourage cross-branch collaboration and information exchange.
  • ZK Staking: Staking opportunity is offered on the Polyhedra Network (ZKJ) platform. By staking $ZK tokens, users will be able to earn both $ZK and ecosystem partners’ tokens.
  • Horizen (ZEN) EON 1.4 Gobi Testnet:The EON 1.4 update, which includes the new staking management, reward distribution algorithm and other improvements, will move into the testing phase.
  • Metis (METIS): Critical developments are taking place in the Metis ecosystem. Because a proposal voting regarding liquid staking and sorter nodes is starting in the project. If the proposal is accepted, liquid staking platforms and sequencer nodes will be able to submit their own proposals until June 17.
  • dYdX (WETHDYDX):Voting on the termination of the FET and AGIX processes continues.
  • The Graph (GRT):The “Sunbeam” update, which is an important step in the field of decentralized data, is being completed.
  • Saga (SAGA):A snapshot is taken for Vault Two.
  • Sonic (S):It is possible to open locked FTM positions by exchanging USDC.e for fUSD.

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